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    Starting From Scratch - Concept Creation

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    Emotional Response - Colour Schemes

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    User Interfaces - Web & Mobile Design

Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service. Steve Jobs

About Mark C. Shaw

Mark C. Shaw

I am a creative, multimedia designer from Toronto. I understand that ideas and images are always in demand and I strive for perfection and always keep in practiced condition when it comes to the all the industries different media categories.

Get Your Online Business Up and Lasting!

Mark C. Shaw (a.k.a “The KingStreetDesigner)  specializes in graphic design, web design and integrated advertising for small or start-up businesses. He also provides services in video/audio production and high definition digital photography. He understands that having proper training and practiced abilities is what produces compelling publications, that’s why he lives by being enthusiastic, imaginative and knowledgeable of the latest trends and practices. Mark believes that in today’s media industry it is hard to really be “original” because everything has been done within the last 20 years. But, with the help of  bright new minds and new print  media(QR Code), web productions (Motion Capturing Games), and mobile developments (Augmented Reality) the industry will be booming with these marketing techniques for decades to come. Get your company ready for the future of advertising on Facebook and promote with Augmented Reality from Layar.



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